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I am committed to delivering a transparent and disciplined approach to building client investment portfolios. In a world of increasingly volatile markets where past performance is an uncertain and reckless guide to future returns, a long-term strategy for investment planning is essential to help protect the wealth of my clients.
I have access to a wide range of investments that covers just about every asset class, geographic region and investment style. I do not follow a cookie cutter approach to portfolio construction which simply places all clients into a pre-designed investment portfolio. A diversified investment portfolio will be constructed to meet your unique investment needs.
I have a personal interest in what the best minds in the world of finance and economics have to say, which keeps me informed of what’s currently happening globally.
I focus on helping clients manage risk through the creation of an appropriately diversified portfolio, using investments that match your personal risk tolerance level. Whether planning for the accumulation stage of your life (pre-retirement) or de-accumulation stage (during retirement), together we will select an appropriate investment strategy to help you meet your goals.
When specialized expertise in a specific area is required, through Freedom 55 Financial, I have access to a team of tax and estate planning consultants. This will help ensure those with complex situations are provided with a complete set of solutions.


Process that I follow with clients:

Investor Profile Questionnaire and Deep Discussion

  • Identifies your investment profile using a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Establishes your requirement for growth and/or income and assesses your risk preferences

Asset Allocation Recommendation

  • I make specific recommendations with respect to asset classes and how much of your money should be invested in Canadian Equities, Foreign Equities, Specialty Investments, Fixed Income (Bonds) and Real Estate
  • I then analyze all of the mutual fund offerings in Canada and choose funds from particular fund families who are top of their class (1st and 2nd quartile) on a consistent basis.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • A comprehensive IPS provides a clear understanding of the rules and guidelines covering the management of your account and governs the overall investment strategy.

Investor Profile Questionnaire and Deep Discussion

  • Your portfolio is closely monitored and rebalanced when necessary. This may involve moving from one asset class to another (ie. Stocks to Bonds) or from one bond fund to another (Corporate Bonds to Inflation Adjusted Bonds)
  • You will receive a very concise quarterly report which will include market commentaries, transactions, portfolio holdings and performance reporting.

Tax and Estate Planning

  • Guidance will be regularly provided on the tax implications of investment activities, potential strategies to reduce your tax bill, estate planning suggestions, a discussion of insurance needs, and much more.

Philanthropic Planning

  • Various strategies are available for those wishing to incorporate philanthropy in their estate plan from a donor advised charitable giving program to naming charities as beneficiaries on existing or new life insurance policies.


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